Rachel Kincaid dropped a veritable planeload of truth bombs with her fresh take on Discipleship and the local church. The following is a further examination of the thoughts and ideas expressed in our interview with her…

Some terms just lose their gravity over time. Others become less popular after a while. And so do their meanings. “Dial Tone” isn’t one you hear very often these days. Neither is “Shoe Horn” or “Moderation.” In church world, it’s rare to hear the word “Discipleship” anymore. What you hear a lot, however, is “Salvation” and “Evangelism” and “Salvation” and “Outreach” and “Salvation.”

It’s no stretch to say that half of my spiritual growth took place between the ages of six and twelve. I would not be lying if I told you I had more scripture memorized as a fourth-grader than I do now, as a thirty-something. Like Rachel, I can count on one hand the significant figures in my life, who invited me into their inner circle AND taught me how to fundamentally model Jesus.

The tragedy behind today’s conversionist mindset is that everything—every bit of effort and energy on the spectrum—takes place in those moments leading up to someone slipping their hand above their head and attending the prescribed auto-pilot, growth funnel, designed to turn preschoolers into pastors in six short steps. But who calls me out when I drink too much? Who makes sure I actually give a crap what the bible says? Who shows me how to live generously with what I have?