As humans, we are petrified by the idea of being tricked. Outsmarted. Hoodwinked into trusting something that will inevitably lead us astray and make us look foolish. So, naturally, whenever we encounter anything unconvincing, incomprehensible, illogical, or beyond our control, we place it into a catchall called belief, comprised of anything existing beyond our natural world (i.e. UFOs, Gods or El Chupacabra).

We do a great job of compartmentalizing these two realms … until we need them to collide. We are the most independent, level-headed realist’s we know … until the money doesn’t pan out. Until we lose our jobs. Or, until we can no longer explain why we’re not happy. It is then that we are forced to reconsider the supernatural.

Modern Christianity, like every other religion, is often seen by outsiders as a shot in the dark. A lifelong gamble. One with the potential of being the greatest practical joke ever played, with you on the wrong side of the punchline. This is when science most often comes into play, because of the evidence it presents. What evidence, if any, does Jesus ask His followers to look for? If acting like Jesus, or merely believing Jesus is/was a thing, doesn’t uniquely qualify my faith, what differentiates following Jesus against any other religious leader or philosophy? Is there anything at all?